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Photoluminescent products and relative series
1st grade: luminescent pigment
2nd grade: luminescent plastic master batch;
luminescent film and board;
luminescent fiber; ceramic glaze; luminescent paint;
luminescent ink; luminescent coating; luminescent paper;
lluminescent marks;
3rd grade: luminescent secure indication mark;
Brief of ship indication system; luminescent arts
(Film picture; Pottery; Sand crystal; Amber;
Glassware; Jewel picture;
Ceramic plate with picture);switch; button;
toys; ceramic ware; glass wares;
artificial flowers;
Brief of luminescent material
“luming” is a new type of long after-glow photoluminescent material; free from any radioactive substance, it can glow in the dark automatically after absorbing any visible light and the process of absorbing-emitting can be repeated forever. Being one kind of additives, it can be added in many medium, such as coat, paint, ink, plastic, printing paste, ceramics, glass etc. those luminous products applied of the pigment show good effects in emergency illumination, indication and decoration.
Brief of safety indication system
Storing and emitting the light, indication system is one of the photoluminescent patented products that has been researched and completed by luming group and presented to the world. The system has got the features such as: emitting the light without the electric power supply, easily installment, and the safety coefficient of light-emitting 100%. The system has become the new fire-preventing products that fire-fight departments over the world favorably present. And it has been widely used in fire-preventing, safety transportation military and civil air defense. On 11th, sep. 2001, it wase taken place that the most shocking tragedy to the human being over the world---the collapse event of the world trade building in New York, which still remains the crisis and horror shade to the world, But when the event taking place, 18000 people successfully escaped from the death hell by the help of light-storing-emitting indication system. It is the luming’s indication system the saved those people and takes the pride.
Brief of luminescent arts
mploying Apopted the most advanced luming’s technology of luminescent pigment, being on the basis of inheriting and being on the basis of inheriting based on developing the style and skill of traditional art wares, by continuous efforts, luming luminescent art wares have become the exquisite works of art wares. Up till now, it has formed 8 series as: luminescent amber, crystal sand, ceramic and porcelain, plate, film picture; precious stone picture, glassware products and art picture. Their features are that they can be enjoyed in both day and night and the tone and charm remain different. As the high and modern technology made products Due to the unique property, the luming’s art wares are welcomed and loved by the people at home and abroad. The provincial and municipal leaders favorably present the luming’s art wares to the friends from over the world as the delicate gifts.

luminescent pigment

secure indication mark

luminescent glass

Luminescent film

luminescent plastic
master batch

Luminescent yarn

Luminescent ceramic
glaze & Pottery
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